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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Akibaranger Season 2

The season begins with flashbacks from season one and a series of events which lead to a mock battle with SH Figuarts figures. In this chapter we see Mitsuki leaving to persue alternate goals which leads me to believe a new Akiba Blue will be scouted and shes quite KAWAII!

As always Akiba has many twists and turns to keep you guessing and it seems like they became official and took over from Dairanger....

The series is shaping up to be quite interesting can't wait to watch some more to begin an official review! As usual the "otakuism" prevails in this episode I love Akagi and the store manager's debate about the "17th Sentai series" after Akagi claiming to be in the top three in Japan in regard to Sentai knowledge..
Goren, JACKQ, Fever, Denji, Sun Vul, Goggle, Dyna, Bio, Change, Flash, Mask, Live, Turbo, Jet, Zyu.....

Love the fly on the store manager's arm from Gekiranger (forgot its name)!
15/4/12 At the end of the first episode they had SH Figuarts commercials (the source of my earlier post). Here is a higher resolution image of the line up to come

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