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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Suisei no Gargantia Initial Thoughts

I started this one as a recommendation from Sankaku Complex (Note to self I so need to create a link for them on the side pane!). Suisei no Gargantia opened to highly positive comments so I went to check it out myself WOW! The colours designs and details are top notch and the plot although a little recycled is not too bad! So lets run through a basic plot sypnosis


Red is a soldier within the Galactic Alliance armed forces. He has one more mission before he earns the right to visit the galactic stronghold of humanity, Avalon. The military strike led by the Alliance was the largest to date against their sworn enemy the Hideauze which are these weird plant like organic cannons! The strike ended in failure. Whilst the Alliance forces were to retreat via wormhole Red was still engaged in battle. As Red made his attempt to escape, he deviated from course and end up on Earth. In this anime, set in the distant future, Earth is only a source of legend to where humanity originated.

I really like the mecha design for the Machine Caliber. I really wouldn't mind buying a model of this! The Machine Caliber is backed up by a super computer known as Chamber which functions like Iron Man's JARVIS. A talking AI which acts as a source of knowledge and offensive system.
I really like Red's pilots uniform its so colourful the flourescent lines really remind me of Tron. However talking about reminders Gargantia has many recycled elements like

1. The human race drifting within the cosmos in persuit of a home
2. Large scale battles against an alien race deemed to be a lower life form.
I wonder where we heard this before? However recycled elements aside at least when Red lands on Earth the anime starts fresh with some very different story telling techniques. Most notably In a traditional anime setting when a visitor comes from the future they still speak the same language. Red is lost in translation and requires Chamber to analyse the speech pattern. The first episode ends with Red in awe that he is on a planet where respiration is possible and he had discovered the birthplace of humanity.
Final Verdict- 7 Otakun Helmets

Overall this anime opened up to an impressive opening episode and I recommend this as a title worth watching for the new anime season.

The Good
- Humour, Red is a pretty interesting main character he has the cool vibe with a hint of sarcasm to his style.
- Big budget visuals nice opening scenes and impressive action
- Overall attention to detail  check out the rust patterns on something as simple as this stair case
The Bad
- As amazing as the opening scene looked in the first few minutes it gave me a Macross Frontier vibe it didn't feel fresh. 

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