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Sunday, March 28, 2010

1/7 Max Factory Hatsune Miku Review

 She's a cute 16 year old and packs quite a killer voice her name.... Hatsune Miku! Being the mascot and voice of the Hatsune Miku Vocaloid software package we have seen some very interesting things from this virtual songstress. From holographic concerts to PSP games she leaves quite a lasting impression. The Vocaloid software has provided an era where budding artists like Ryo can make songs with the software package and create songs which are chart topping hits like World is Mine without leaving their computer! The most successful songs would then be "sung" by Miku herself at one of her virtual concerts.

Lets get onto the review. Wow! Max Factory can surely produce nice figures at a good price. Cheaper than the Good Smile Company and Alter too. The 1/6 Hatsune Miku was a hot seller at Animania and I can tell why! The amount of detail on this figure explains it all. The figure is a steal for a price of $160.

Okay lets get the pictures out! Kenji and I agree with one specific requirement which is the face has to be pleasant to look at and true to the source reference. Miku's, round face and huge green eyes have been reproduced with stunning attention to detail. The scultpors at Max Factory continue this trend with her various accesories. Miku's rectangular hair accesories are pretty cool the red bits sandwiched in between the black borders are actually transparent. The headphones are also impressive the gimmicky gadgets on the ear pieces were painted in an array of bright colours.

Okay lets continue on with Miku's uniform! The details show through to the individual crease marks! The shirt was designed in a reflective silver finish and the fine green "frilly" bits are neat and carefully painted to avoid "spillage". The gimmicks did not stop at the hair the "control panels" on Miku's sleeves are quite impressive. Her individual finger nails were painted in her traditional green. The tie can also be lifted upward. The sash on her waist is moulded with these really cool triangular patterns and of course you cant forget her 01 tattoo!

However Miku's most famous asset apart from her voice of course is her long Sailor Moon like hair. True to Miku's unique mane the hair is the best feature of this figure. Her long, bushy ponytails were sculpted in a semi transparent plastic and reflect light! Quite an interesting choice of mateials I might add!

The figure is mounted on an oval shaped base with the Hatsune Miku logo printed in metallics. The base was a bit too simple in my opinion. Considering the detail that was put in for the rest of the figure but at least it serves its purpose and holds Miku firmly!

And finally to wrap up this review the final face on image! from her funky earphones, cute face, hair accesories, semi transparent hair, metallic uniform to the stockings boots I couldn't find a fault at all in regard to this figure! A better base would have given this figure a solid hands down 10/10!

Final Verdict- 9.5/10

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