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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Composite Version Ka Lancelot Albion

Okay being a Code Geass nut I drooled when they announced that a new Lancelot Albion figure was being made. The Composite Version Ka tag had me wondering is this a model or a figure. Now that light has been shed I can confirm that its a very detailed figure that stands at 14cm.

 The details from the pre production sculpt looks beautiful. If they can produce this figure with real metallic gold it would become a must buy, the dull crappy yellow on the Robot Daimashi release was the reason I don't have a Lancelot Albion figure.... yet.

 Lets cross our fingers and hope they get the colours right and release a Gurren Seiten Hakkoshiki as well! This figure is going for 5040 Yen and is slated for a June release. More pics of the Composite Version Ka Lancelot Albion will be released by the manufacturers soon until then I will keep my eyes peeled and post them onto here at the first available chance.

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