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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Max Factory 1/6 Real Image Yoko Littner! I REALLY WANT!!!

This figure is at the very top of my figure wish list at the moment. I recently picked up Gurren Lagann (Ill add my thoughts on this awesome anime in a later post) and was captivated by the rather kick arse and ultra sexy Yoko Littner!

The Real Image by Max Factory is in my opinion the best figure of Yoko out there. It deviates from Yoko's anime appearance to provide a more realistic real person perspective. This figure was one of the hot figures of 2009 and sold out quickly when it was released in December 2009. Unfortunately none of them made their way to Animania. Please help me out on finding one because I can't even find it on Ebay!

General release pic

The next two were found at a pretty interesting blog operated by a female otaku. I gotta say you rock!

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