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Monday, March 22, 2010

The Bounty Hunter review

Recently a few friends and I went to watch the new movie The Bounty Hunter, and yes it was a chick flick with a few funny and actions scenes here and there but no where near, say the Transporter. Now for those of you who don't mind spoilers keep reading.
In a nutshell this movie is based on a Bounty Hunter who is offered $5000 to arrest and bring in his ex wife. After he finally arrests his wife, she tries her best to escape with a few amusing results, with one of them being when she chained him to a bed while he was asleep then stole his car. During all this they find out that they are being chased by someone, but they don't know who is chasing them or why.
Even though the movie was amusing, the beginning of the movie was boring and seemed that there was all these scenes which didn't only seem unnecessary but they were just there to fill up time, but the movie did pick up at the end.
Overall the movie was OK but not the type you would want to go back to the cinemas to watch again. I also think that while girls will most probably enjoy this movie, guys on the other hand might fall asleep at the start.

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