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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Green Zone Review

Today I was lucky enough to go watch Green Zone and I have to say this is NOT a chick flick! again for those of you who don't mind spoilers keep reading. Now that's over with on with the story.
Green Zone is about a Chief Warrant Officer called Roy Miller who's job is to hunt WMD (Weapons of Mass destruction) using the intel he is given . The problem arises when 2 of the locations he goes to seem to be very different to what information he was given. At this time things don't add up so Miller decides to bring it up at a debriefing , where he is told to just do his job.
It is at the 3rd site where Miller and his team are approached by an Iraqi person called Freddy, who claims that there is a meeting near by of a few of Saddam Hussein's men. Miller immediately takes his men to investigate, and that is where he sees Al-Ravi. While Miller and his men storm into this house Al-Ravi narrowly escapes from Miller. But Miller and his men are able to capture one of Al-Ravi's henchmen.
From here it is one man's race to find out if the war in Iraq started as a result of incorrect intel? were there ever any WMD? and who is "Magellen" and can he reveal all?
I have always been one who loved a good action movie with twists and turns in it and I have to say this was a fantastic movie. Overall the movie was able to hold the viewers attention, and kept the viewer interested as well as on the edge of their seats at certain times.
Therefore I would recommend this to anyone who likes a bit of a conspiracy theory with a lot of action.

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