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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tamashi Nation Composite Ver Ka Gurren Lagann

It wasn't long when Tamashi Nation announced the Composite Version Ka Lancelot Albion. At the same time they also announced that Gurren Lagann was on the pipeline. Surprisingly the Gurren Lagann is scheduled for release in the following month. I got to say the figure is amazing and when Hajime Katoki gets involved with the sculpting its a winning formula! Man the glossy look and the amount of accesories it comes with is pretty cool especially the massive Giga Drill. Unfortunately I'm broke as so I will stick with my Tengenkandou version model kit.

1 comment:

  1. not buying it, u r going to be kidding me~
    such a high detail robot, titanium finish "look", it is quite more metal looks than Tengenkandou version model kit.

    broke is word of disguise on the actual finanical situation, because it is far away to actual situation of empty pocket, put up ur bank card and do one eftpos transaction, u will sleep well at night, hugging this wonderful Gurren Lagann, last purchase model of year is just like smokers said, i will quit smoking this times.



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