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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sangokuden Reflections

We are now three episodes into the new anime season. Three is more than enough to form a judgement if a series is worth continuing or not. Ironically Sangokuden is a story about Three Kingdoms! There is some spoiler content so be warned ladies and gentlemen!

To be honest I was a bit skeptic to pick up thise series up at first. The episodes only run for fifteen minutes which meant that the storyline would either be super condensed or drag out to all infinity. But casting those thoughts aside I progressed with checking it out! WOW! I couldn't be more impressed. This series easily had the best animation in all of the new season and one of the best colour palletes I've seen. The vibrant colours and the transition from comic to anime was an fantastic effort.

For those in the know. Sangokuden Gundam is based off the Romance of the Three Kingdoms when the Kingdoms of Shu, Wu and Wei fought for total control of the Chinese landmass. China has been renamed to Mirisha and the warriors of the time are reflected as Gundams. The setting being that Mirisha was created by the Three Sovereigns who gave up themselves to become Sky, Water and Land. Their souls were transferred into three weapons to be wielded by heroes in a time of peril... one of these weapons is the Dragon Emperor Sword.

I may be biased because my favourite colour is blue but for the time being Liu Bei is my favourite design. As always Liu Bei is portrayed as a "man" with a strong sense of justice.The first episodes starts as the awakening of Liu Bei, the death of his teacher by the hands of General Ma Yuan Yi of the Yellow Turbans , the awakening of the Dragon Emperor Sword and ends with Liu Bei's quest to explore Mirisha

This episode was a good introduction to the series in the second episode Liu Bei encounters two warriors his brothers to be Guan Yu and Zhang Fei. The pair were  fighting because of a misunderstanding and were stopped by Liu Bei who stopped them before a fatality.

So the trio are finally acquainted in Zhang Fei's village to be attacked by the Yellow Turbans. The three open up a can of whoop arse and start heading towards the Yellow Turban main camp.

Talk about a massive 180 first off they regard Liu Bei as their follower then the next episode they are calling him Big Bro by the end of the episode! the third episode saw the debut of the other greats Cao Cao and Sun Jian and plenty of Gattai action!

Cao Cao Forces

Sun Jian Forces

The Yellow Turbans begin their plan to foil the Sun Jian and Cao Cao forces by setting a diversion to escape. Their plan is foiled by Liu Bei  which now begins the trend of combinations in Sangokuden.

The Yellow Sky The O knocks the Shu Trio down. I was quite impressed by the artwork and the attention of detail. The resulting burn marks and scratches added a nice touch to the battle scene. However once again the Dragon Emperor Sword saves the day by starting a combination which i call the shoulder stealing technique!


After confirming that Liu Bei's sword is the Dragon Emperor Sword Guan Yu requests to become Liu Bei's sworn brother and promises to assist in Liu Bei's fight for justice, Zhang Fei decides to do the same. At the end of the episode the Oath of Brotherhood in the peach garden was made.

Overall I was very impressed with this anime if it resembled the facts of history more I think I would have liked it even more. however being a Gundam based comic strip I think it would be pretty prejudical to expect that so no worries. Only thing I'd like to see is Liu Bei doing some real fighting and not just rely on the Dragon Emperor Sword.

Based on a review of colour and animation, story and all other anime binding elements I would give Sangokuden Brave Battle Warriors a 8/10.

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