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Friday, June 18, 2010

Advertisements for Smash found at Pepper Lunch

Pepper Lunch is a cheap and easy meal alternative in the city. I've been a number of times and quite like the food there, unfortunately last time I went my favourite Kimchi Beef Rice didn't meet my expections hopefully they'll get it right next time. Anyhoo as you guess this isn't a restaurant review it is about a sighting that I came across at the entrance! An advertisement poster for the event we all have been looking forward to SMASH!

What makes me so excited about this event is Miyamura Yuko and Tiffany Grant will be there the voice actress for Asuka Langley Sohryu, one of my favourite anime characters of all time. As you guessed I hopped onto the anime band wagon when Evangelion dubs were broadcasted on SBS. Kenji and I will be entering the Gundam Building Competition I will be making a custom coloured SD Unicorn and contesting for best SD model (Details will be posted later). Maybe this time around if the queue isn't as horrendous we would go to the maid cafe too!! SO CAN'T WAIT!!!!!

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