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Friday, June 18, 2010

A sad day for Sony, Hiroki decides to get a 3DS.

I have the supported the PSP since its launch but its still the most stale console out there to put it in a nut shell there aren't many games out there with replay value. My allegiance has changed I am now totally rooting for the new Nintendo 3DS. As they say in Unreal Tournament it is Better, Faster, Stronger hehehe. As the name implies the 3DS supports a full 3D view without the need for glasses the intensity can also be adjusted. The unit is powered by a Nvidia Tegra chipset which already opens a wide range of potential. Honestly I think Sony will struggle to come up with a product on par with this for a while considering their weakened position in the current Console War. 

As per previous releases the 3DS follows the touchscreen/interactive formula which granted Nintendo its current sales leader status. The main screen is 3.6" with 3D capability and the touchscreen is a 3.02 inch display. The new additions are quite intruitive the design incorporates motion and gyro sensors for an increased interactive experience. The intensity of the 3D graphics can also be adjusted via a slider panel.

 Unlike the PSP Go which was a total flop due to the fact that it didn't have backward compatability the 3DS has full support for the DS family of games. It also seems like the 3DS will also cross into the territory of the PSP the mature game market. Preliminary listings have shown that all the major developers have commited to releasing popular titles for this console already it wont fall short of games in the original launch! These titles include Street Fighter all the way to golden classics like Mario Kart.

Current commitments that have been announced

This surely spells doom for my much beloved PSP...... The obstacle that stands in my way is if the console is region free or not!


  1. spell doom for ur psp?! how could you doom something which is already in the bottom of the hell? with no hope or light. handheld device doesnt have region restriction. as alwasy, BUY LA!



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