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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Ramen Otaku

Ichiban Boshi Sydney

Ramen is awesome!! You can not deny it. From the city to the North Shore I have tried many ramen stands my favourtie two for the time being are Ichiban Boshi in The Galleries Victoria and Ryotei in Crows Nest. Since we are after all a Japanese popular culture blog I thought it was appropriate to talk about Japanese cuisine here as well.

I was looking around the internet for Japanese culture and otaku blogs and came across some funny names the one that caught my attention was Ramen Otaku! it surprises me on the level of dedication that this author put into documenting every ramen that he had ate. For his efforts I think he deserves a mention on our fair blog hehehehehe.

Heres the link try not to drool too much because his ramen looks so appetising!

As a parting gift for this blog entry here is a complimentary ramen for all of our readers. ITADAKIMASU!!!


  1. Question: What is in ramen?? Like specifically what are the shapes and what is that pink white spiral thing o.o? I seriously, with all respect, am curious.

  2. The spiral thingy is called Narutomaki xD

  3. Normally in a Ramen you have got a base soup generally it is Misou or Soy based. Then you have the all important ramen noodles and finally the toppings. It depends on what you order actually like a typical Tokyo Ramen will have the spiral fish cake called Narutomaki, bamboo shoots, pork, egg and a strip of Nori (seaweed).



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