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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Virtual Idol Hatsune Miku dies due to Hiroki's negligence.

The much loved idol Hatsune Miku died at 4.30 pm local time. The death was instant and came from a cruel decapitation. Hatsune Miku was created as the mascot for the Vocaloid software. Due to moe appeal she shot to stardom and had many budding virtual producers such as Ryo developing songs for her. Many of her timeless classics including World is Mine were featured in the PSP title, Hatsune Miku Project Diva another release Diva 2 is due for release in July. The idol's future was limitless.

The songstress was killed in the negligent hands of Otaku Down Under blog master Hiroki. It is believed that she fell from her podium, a Sony Muteki DJ deck boasting 450 Watts of audio goodness. Her head was severed from her neck on impact she fell to her death from an astonishing distance of 80cm. It is believed that Hiroki was changing the layout of his room at the time of the moe icon's death. Hiroki has disclosed of his crimes to fellow blog masters Kenji and Miku and is due to stand for trial in front of the Full Moe Court for manslaughter.

Hatsune Miku was succeded by her countless clones. Farewell Hatsune Miku you will be sorely missed.

21/6/10 Update: With the help of Selley's Supa Glue (The strongest glue I know of) Miku should be ready for displaying as early as tomorrow morning!

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