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Sunday, November 7, 2010

1/144 HGUC Gouf Custom thoughts

Thanks to the goodness of digital SLR cameras. Our Japanese brethren are quick to straight build kits for the whole world to see. I find these reviews are helpful as they offer a view different from Bandai and can let me guage into the decision if the product is worth buying or not. So without further waffle lets get into what I think about this kit based on their photos.

The box art to me is very stock standard HGUC it doesn't exactly communicate any instant buying impulses.

I find that the colours are rich and the lines are quite good as of recent years the 1/144 range has really improved. From observation there's minimal use of decals perhaps the only one would be the eye.

The primary feature of the Gouf Custom is the gatling shield its made up of multiple parts and the details are accurately portrayed.

The kit has many inclusions and feature rich! From what I can tell from the various poses this kit has been placed in its highly articulate as well. What I find impressive about this model is that the Gouf can support the entire weight of the gatling shield on its arm and still be able to be posed dynamically, In all I think this kit is truly fantastic and would give the  green light for our readers to not hold back and buy!

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