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Thursday, November 11, 2010

RG Gundam Progress- Skirt Armour

I took a day from work today so I thought i'd get some of the RG Gundam done! Okay the whole skirt armour is done now. I have to say it was one pretty hectic piece of work!

All up the skirt armour composed of 25 parts (the four individual skirt flamks composed of three parts). The number of parts is just amazing it outclasses any MG out there.

The most fiddly part was the red and yellow detail in the middle which I unfortunately screwed up ( nothing major though) Following with the predetermined paint schme I used Tamiya's Brilliant Orange with a grey undercoat to create that yellow/orange colour.

The skirt armour consists of two internal frame parts that are layered om top of each other. The front and rear flanks are built exactly the same as each other and of course theres the side flanks. These parts were only repetitive there weren't any issues in this part of the construction. The mechanism at the back  opens up and is a latch for the bazooka. What I love about this skirt armour is that each individual flanks is moveable!

Okay the skirt armour is on now on and it was time to touch up on the panel lines. I used a B grade pencil to do the lines. I find that pencil is more subtle than Gundam markers. When the panel lining was completed the kit gets its third top coat to maintain a consistant matte appearance.

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