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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Queen's Gate Series Hattori Junko (Manufactured by Good Smile)

I saw information earlier before in regard to this figure but totally forgot to post it here until I saw it on the cover of last month's Hobby Japan yesterday on a routine trip to Kinokuniya. I dont know how Junko from Daimaou relates to Queen's Gate which is a Queen's Blade spinoff but I dont mind her duking it out with Reina for some ummm obvious reasons hehehe.

 Anyhow a new figure is going to be shipped out next February and I think its the bomb! The figure is manufactured by the exulted Good Smile Company, stands at 20cm, costs a little short of 8000yen and an exclusive item via Hobby Japan mail subscription... Junko also comes with a cast off function! Fingers crossed it would find it's way to Ebay.

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