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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Saber - Excalibur

Another Saber figurine added to my collection. You wouldn't be able to guess who my favorite anime character is would you? After my initial post on Saber Lily earlier this year, I thought Goodsmile Company couldn't raise the level of likeness for Saber. Well I'm glad that I was wrong in that assumption.

From early previews of this 1/7 scale painted figure I was already impressed with it...I think I would blurted out "massu getto". I was able to receive delivery of Saber Excalibur last Tuesday, but I didn't want to open the box and review until Saturday. Goodsmile Company really has lifted the bar again with this release of Saber. In all honesty I am left without words to describe how this release a few words, all I can say is "it looks awesome!!!"

The box that this release of Saber came in wasn't as all flashy as Saber Lily, but it was still good none the less. To make sure that it was authentic, I looked for the Typemoon holographic sticker, which was there. And even though on the box it mentioned "Made in China", I'm glad the overall product doesn't suffer from China Quality =P

The figure itself was fastened to the box very securely to prevent it from moving about during transportation. The contents included the base, the figurine obviously, the two swords, the metal pin that would hold the figure up, and surprisingly an instruction manual on how to prop the figure up as well as how to go about placing your choice of sword onto the awaiting hands of Saber.

GoodSmile Company has gone through a lot effort in trying to get as much detail onto the figurine as possible. And it does show in the amount of detail on both the swords as well as Saber. Depending on what you decide to have Saber hold in her hands, the look on her face means business. And if you're her enemy, get ready to be history.

The concerns that I have with this figure is that of the metal support that holds the figure up. For the size of the figure it does weigh a bit, and I can't help but feel that the figure might fall as time goes on. Also the front part of Saber's dress shows an inconsistent application of paint. I don't know if this is due to the paint not being mixed properly or moisture got onto the paint as it was drying, but the marks are easily seen under normal light.

Then again I am nit picking at an already fantastic representation of Saber. Despite the slight faults, this figure ranks as one of my favorites. I'm just really happy and fortunate to be in possession of both Saber Excalibur and Saber Lily. These two figurines, both from Goodsmile Company will form an excellent addition to any otaku's collection of figurines and Gundam model collection.

As I said before that I couldn't find the any words to describe this latest Saber release from Goodsmile Company, I'll let you, our readers come up with your own description for this figurine. Enjoy the photographs that I managed to take of Saber.

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