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Saturday, November 20, 2010

MG 00 Qan[T] pictorial review

The 00 Qan[T] has been released for sale now! Fiona from Hobby Dream has told me it would be in stock next week. A few Japanese reviews have been released now, I grabbed the best points from each review and came up with my own review for the kit based on my experience as a gunpla builder.

Box Art

I love the art its magnificent theres so many things going on in the background it truly depicts an epic mobile suit casually flying by in an intense battle zone.

Runners and Decals

True to the MG range the colour seperation is done pretty well the silver/grey like frame colour is a refreshing change from the traditional grey used in MG kits.


The frame is based from the MG Exia frame but this one is more ariculate than its predecessor


This announcement was a sudden surprise I had my suspiscions at first if this kit would shave any corners in terms of details. To me it has minimal panel lining which I don't like but given that its from the 00 series these shortcomings can be forgiven because the designs are simplistic in natue.


A feature of the 00 series kits is that they are highly posable (of course except Virtue, Seravee and Raphael), this tradition has been carried on with this latest MG release it can crouch, kick and also do the splits (the first time I've seen this happen in a MG kit)!

 Gimmicks and inclusions

The shield can be posed to replicate the deployment of Setsuna's GN Bits

Its not a MG without the little pilot figure!
Similar to the GN Drive from the MG Exia this one lights up too

The machine does not belong to Setsuna if it doesn't have blades! (I like thetransparent green)

The GN bits have handles and can be posed with the model

The GN Bits can form a buster sword or buster rifle although the model can carry the weight of the combined weapon by itself a stand (which is included) is needed if you want to pose it in a more dynamic action pose.

The Qan[T] has one GN drive on the back of the unit and one inside the shield this is how the twin drive connects when Qan[T] uses it's Quantum System which is a superior technology which suceeds the Transam Burst system used by the 00 Raiser.

In Quantum mode the Qan[T] purges many armour pieces and the GN condensorrs pop out to amplify Setsuna's quantum brainwave activity.


The Qan[T]'s main attraction is its GN bits which offer a wealth of dominant and powerful poses unfortunately posing them as GN Bits (either as floating pieces or for the Quantum System isn't posible without further modifcation. Considering that it is a MG release, the model doesn't even come with its own stand! They should have include a stand similar to the Robot Taimashi figure series.

 However as a whole this kit is a worthy member for the MG stable. It is detailed, has many inclusions and is highly posable I would give this kit a solid 7/10

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