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Friday, November 20, 2009

The Adventures of Otakun

At ODU we recognise that what we have a unique attribute compared to more popular blogs that post similiar content to us like Ngee Khiong, this "competive advantage" is that we have a mascot, Otakun. After some discussion between Kenji and I it is decided that we are going to develop a net novel based on the Otakun character along with art of key scenes portrayed in the text. Each chapter will be presented individually via seperate posts but all the chapters will be easily assessed via an "Otakun" label.

I went back to the drawing board last night and redrew a detailed sketch of Otakun. As always ideas flow through my head so lets reintroduce the man in the blue armour. I believe that whilst developing a story it is vital to have a undisputed understanding of the attributes of your characters. For the time being Otakun's civilian identity hasnt been decided yet but the majority of his suit's armamants have already been decided between us.

The suit has been named MTF Armour standing for Malleable Titanium Fabric. The MTF Armour is made from an extremely flexible and sturdy titanium alloy which is inpenetrable and resistant to any operational environment including fire. An advanced lining under the titanium alloy called X Wieve offers an additional layer of comfort and protective padding. X Wieve is a composite material lighter and more protective than kevlar so not only is the suit indestructible it is also bulletproof. The final and most devestating feature of the MTF Armour is that it is adaptable and has anchorage points which enable connection to specific tactics option parts to further enhance Otakun's performance.

The CommandView helmet is made from MTF alloy in its solid block form. It is rigid and also lined with X Wieve which offers unsurpassed cranial protection. The visor comprises of a single piece anti flash lens that houses a transparent monitor screen where battle data and target seeking options are directly viewed by Otakun. The helmet also houses a secure communications unit to contact allies like Dr Watanabe.

The chest plating connects to a back pack which includes a storage bay and a micro twin variable nozzle air compression unit which enables Otakun to "jump" at high speeds, altitudes and long distances in rapid sucession. However the limitation of this device is that only one nozzle can be used at a single time. when each leap is made one of the two compression units recharges whilst the other is activated. The storage bay comprises of two hidden compartments. Bay one houses Otakun's plasma cannon which rests in a designated recharge rack when not in use The plasma cannon is a high output beam weapon capable of releasing variable amounts of raw energy. three settings enable Otakun to fire small single shots, rapid fire rounds and an extremely powerful wide area damage burst which expenses all energy stored in the cannon.  The second compartment includes a fastened laptop which is used for cyber espionage.

Two melee beam batons also connect to the recharge battery inside the backpack. In blade mode the handle is capable of generating a super heated shaft of electrical energy which enables Otakun to cut through most materials as if it was butter. In baton mode less energy is required but can be used as a taser baton the unit can also expel small electrical bolts.

So thats some of our ideas that we have been brainstorming for the timebeing feel free to leave comments!

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