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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

X Box 360 epic fail at Myer

Today was my birthday so having a day from work and university exams I went out for a brief shopping trip to get some stuff together for the work Christmas party. Stopping at the Myer in the CBD I took a quick peep at the games section. I got to say the DS sure is taking up a considerable market share! The "lounge" where they were displaying the Nintendo DSi had these really comfortable seats for you to play with the console. They were white, low and padded I really wanted to take one home for my guitar room!

Anyhoo back on topic the opposite section was where they had the X Box 360 on display. I got to say how embarassing can you get to display a games console in a funky "hi-tech" bubble but to have it not functioning at all. The red rings were out meaning that the console was done for. Talk about epic fail hahaha!

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