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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Gundam VS Gundam Next Plus

I haven't been hyped up about a PSP game in ages! Gundam vs Gundam Next Plus has got me for sure this time I want it ummmm... really bad hehe. I've played Gundam versus games since the first Zeta series AEUG vs Titans  and played every game in between. Having been trained by a good mate Henry who is among the arcade elites I can pull off a few stunts on my own too hehe.

So why buy this game you may ask? I think the obvious reason is the choice of using my all time favourite Gundam the rather sleek Strike Freedom. Strike Freedom is the final boss in the game. Kira comes out decked with the Meteor Unit and you need to kill him once to destroy the meteor before he comes back to haunt you with a permanant seed mode.

Not from actual gameplay haha

In addition to Strike Freedom the miracle engineers at Bandai Namco have upped the ante to include

1. 00 Raiser
2. Reborns Gundam
3. Endless Waltz Wing Zero
4. Deathscythe Hell
5. Virtue
6. Unicorn
7. Gundam XX

There's more new machines than that but I'm too lazy to post them all I just added the big names! I'm full on pumped to give this one a go will get it as soon as humanly possible this one is due for a December release.

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