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Friday, November 27, 2009

SIC Kamen Rider Kabuto

After mentioning Kabuto so many times in my posts I'm actually started to download it. I originally streamed it on Youtube now I'm downloading high quality avi files. Now after keeping a close eye on the progress I am glad to announce that the pre production shots of the SIC Kamen Rider Kabuto are out! Though I am not a big fan of articulated figures this one has got me tossing over getting it now or waiting for the chibi sized Deforide to come out... If it comes out.

My mate Kenny raised a very valid point recently SIC stands for Super Imaginateive Chugokin. Chogokin in kanji θΆ…εˆι‡‘ stands for super alloy but we regularly see that the Chogokin figure line have close to no metal on them at all.... Where did the alloy go!

Anyhoo enough with the dribbling lets get down to business the SIC Kamen Rider Kabuto

Rider Form- Cast Off... change beetle!

Hyper Mode with the Perfect Zecter... Hyper cast off!

Hyper Clock Up

This figure would have been perfect if it also had Masked Form

Though I have to admit Kabuto's Masked Form isnt as hot as Kamen Rider Gattack's Masked Form (from the same series)

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