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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Environmental Setting and Otaknyan!

Plot setting,

Utopia city is an environment far from its namesake. Multibillion corporate conglomerates have banded together into three factions taking control over the city's underworld. Criminals have gained unprecedented cybertronic enhancements and sophisticated weapons. The enforcement agencies are powerless to stop the worrying trend of crime, corruption and felony.

In these times the demand for heroic manga and anime has declined. The normal people have given up on the idea that a selfless warrior will come to their aid. Worried that their favourite manga series will be cut from the shelves, weapons developers Dr Watanabe and Dr Misemono believed that powerful suits like those found in tokusatsu series can become a reality. Two armoured suits were created, codenamed Otakun and Otaknyan respectively. The hero and heroine will share the same namesake as their suits.

 However for reasons unknown half way throughout the development process Dr Misemono suddenly disappeared with the Otaknyan suit.


Concept art to be posted

Otaknyan wears the red MTF armour with the same namesake. Otaknyan's key cosmetic features are the feline stripes and the cat ears which are the highlight of Otaknyan's helmet.

Otaknyan's abilities

Quantum bending technology called ChameleonTech allows the red suit to turn black on activation. Otakunyan is a master of stealth and infiltration. instead of having X Weave layer under the MTF armour a custom thermal blanket completely hides Otaknyan's heat signature.

To compensate for the lack of embedded bulletproofing five independant power generators of the ankles, wrists and helmet enable Otaknyan to deploy "Airshields" for protection. When ChameleonTech and the Airshield System is activated simultaenously Otaknyan becomes invisible even on camera.

Otaknyan is armed with two plasma pistols which are housed in recharge racks in the suit's air compression unit backpack. Like Otakun, Otaknyan also has two beam batons which are stored on a hip mounted recharge rack for quick access. However due to the swift nature and specific field of Otaknyan's capabilities the red MTF doesnt have the anchorage points needed to mount additional assault platform parts.

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