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Thursday, November 26, 2009


Presenting the first concept sketch of Otaknyan! This is the first of our ideas Kenji is to design a suit as well!

Some more of Otaknyan's story! Otaknyan shares a much different view about justice than Otakun. While Otakun views himself as a hero and feels he has a moral obligation to act as lawfully as possible, Otaknyan is the opposite. She believes that justice can only be served if the penalty suits the crime. Due to the corruption of the system Otaknyan will not hesitate to break laws in order to bring justice to her prey. In the end she does rid Utopia of its vermin but she doesn't view herself as a hero but a vigilante. A vigilante has more freedom and isnt bound by moral codes which suits her preferred style of stealth activity and ambushing.

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