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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fate Unlimited Codes - Saber Lily Distant Avalon Figurine

After months of waiting, I finally received my long awaited 1/7 scale painted figure of saber Lily from GoodSmile Company. Without taking it out of the box, I was already very pleased and impressed with the detailing on Saber. Compared to some of the box art that I have seen in the past, I really liked this one (this is one box that I'm planning to keep). There are pictures around the box which shows the different angles that the figure was taken from.

The figure comes with Excalibur, Caliburn and the scabbard Avalon, also there is an extra left hand if you do not wish to have the scabbard on display. The base where the figure stands on is really well done. It matches with the white dress and the silver armor. Further to the checkered pattern, the box image doesn't reveal the presence of the title to the series, but it is clearly imprinted in silver on the base.

The one thing that helps to determine whether or not I like a figure is by the looking at the face, and comparing that to what I have seen from either the anime or any other official artworks from the producer. Saber Lily does not escape my scrutineering process here. I didn't really need to look too closely to decide if I was to like it or not. After coming home from Japan, I tried to find out as much information on the release of Saber Lily and any other details that was available. Fortunately for me, there were, and my near instantaneous decision to get it didn't turn out to be a bad choice. Looking at the face and comparing it to what is shown in the actual anime series, I am impressed by how close the detailing of the figure is to the series. It is by far the most attractive face on any of Saber figurines that I own, and I have five not including Saber Lily.

Even though Saber is in her battle stance, she still looks graceful with an angelic aura about her. I feel sorry for which ever enemy servant happens to be in her way. The white dress is beautiful to say the least. It was only after having a proper 360 degree view of the figure that I realized that the extra fabric on the white dress is arranged in the shape of a lily flower.The points that secures the figure to the base is very solid, so there is no need to worry about the figure tipping over if you bumped it suddenly.

Of all the Saber figurines in my collection, this is by far my favourite. I was able to obtain my figure overseas, but I decided to check back two days later to see how things were going. I knew that the figure was popular, but I was surprised to see that within two days, it was out of stock. Fortunately, if you are in Sydney, and would like to have your very own Saber Lily hop on down to Hobby Dream. They will have some in stock within the coming weeks.

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  1. That is some impressive photography Kenji. The model is awesome, although I would not maind seeing it holding a Katana rather than a broad sword.
    Keep up the great work, the forum is looking good.



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