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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Astro Boy Movie

Contains spoilers

I went to see Astro Boy today. Being a fan of Astro since my childhood I had high expectations for this film. surprisingly enough, although being Americanised it was a pretty good movie! I actually found the gags to be funny and Astro's fight scenes to be pretty cool especially the Robot Games scene. I guess this is to replicate the arc of Astro's original heritage when he was sold to the circus.

But I think I would have enjoyed the movie alot more if I didn't have an annoying kid behind me yelling throughout the movie and bawling when Astro was brought back to Dr Tenma to be deactivated,


The movie was tops and yep I am even more tempted to buy that figure that I posted earlier now! Although having a very Americanised theme it is actually good not like some bad examples that have came out as of late ....cough...cough.... Dragonball Evolution. However the scene where Astro brings a crippled Metro City to safety onto the surface world so reminded me of Superman Returns to me it didn't seem too original!

Overall I did enjoy the film and shall wrap up this review by giving it a three and a half star rating out of five.

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