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Sunday, October 4, 2009

An Otaku's Internal Struggle

I think you guys heard enough of our term "Internal Struggle". Let me take you through the story where this term was coined. One day out of boredom I went to Hobbyco after work. I happened to stumble across a BEAUTIFUL (I am not exaggerating here) girl by the name of Cecil. She was making these whining and cute grumbling noises as she stared at the cover art of the SD Wing Zero Custom.

Anyhow I decided to mind my own business and started to look at the 1/144 0 Raiser and was tempted to complete the 1/144 00 Gundam that was already at my desk at work but as you do I wanted to hold back.  Like Cecil I had the box in my hand for a while and turned it over WAY too many times. Cecil turns to me and asks,

"Internal struggle?" So I smile and nod in reply she turns her box around and asks me,

"Isn't this Gundam so CUTE! I love those angel wings! Should I buy it? I got too many SDs already!"

So in the end Cecil ends up buying the kit and the term Internal Struggle was official linked to Otaku Economics. An Internal Struggle is when you're confronted with awesome goods but are trying to be "good" and restrain from making the purchase. As the economic golden rule says,

"Humans will always have unlimited needs but limited resources."

Okay let me run you through all the goodies I want but restraining from getting

This was only a display sample but a chibi Kallen dressed up as her Knightmare Frame the Guren MKII is cute as!

Being heavily influenced by Power Rangers in my youth I have an eye for quality tokusatsu shows my favourite to date is Kamen Rider Kabuto...Simply because he is OP and pwns. Who else in the superhero department would go into battle pointing into the sky and citing quotes from his grandmother and has a cool name like Tendou Souji.

"He who rides the path of Heaven and rules over all."

The SIC Vol52 Kamen Rider Kabuto

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