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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Hot Toys Astro Boy Movie Figure

Hot Toys is quickly becoming one of my favourite figure manufacturers. After being pleasantly surprised by the quality and attention to detail in the previous post I decided to look online to find more about this company that I had not heard of before. Hot Toys is a company based in Hong Kong specialising in  highly accurate movie figures. At the moment I have my eye on some Astro Boy merchandise.

Come on! Who watches anime and doesn't like Astro Boy?! As subjectical as I might sound if you don't like Astro Boy you may as well not call yourself an otaku. Astro Boy or originally known as Testuwan Atom is the very first anime to be aired with a sequential plot in Japan. Without the success of Astro Boy all the other animes which we follow religiously may not have existed.

Well onto my "wishlist" haha by now its way too big for me to label each and every item which I want! The figure I want is the scene in the movie where Astro is brought to life. This figure is coming out in December and I'm glad its not the final edition. Although its good enough already I sure hope that they add in Astro Boy's power source hatch to make it a perfect rendition.


  1. I wonder how much this will be ;x

  2. I'll say it might be close to $200 AUD

    - Kenji



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