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Friday, October 16, 2009

Hot Toys Dark Knight and Tumbler Batmobile

I wonder if any one has a spare $674 US for me hehe. Being a great fan of Batman my mate Kenny (Kenny and Kenji are two different people) showed me something which I can only call spectacular. As dodgy as the name Hot Toys might sound it actually produces some kick ass products. Presenting the 1/6 Scale Dark Knight and Tumbler (Both products are sold seperately).

 I always had a thing against action figures with articulation but the way how this one was designed really impresses me. What I hate most about articulated joints is that they dont seem to be able to be treated as a proper collector's piece. Hot Toys did a great job in covering the joints under the Bat Suit to give the figure a seamless finish. Comparing the details on these hi res pics with my limited edition piece the sculptings are excellent.

My Dark Knight figure please try not to be so distracted by Miranda Kerr's great pins hehehe

The Batmobile is the most accurate version I have ever seen I have looked around everywhere but none have ever matched my expectations this is the only one! I guess the pictures speak for themself. Enjoy it!

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