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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

PG 00 Raiser Thoughts

Through out my stint in Gundam building I have mainly dealt with MG scales and SD models but have also built a fair share of 1:60 Large Scale, PG and 1/144 models. Previously I thought that Perfect Grades were an overglorfied, oversized and overpriced product line. I held this biased opinion after being disappointed by the PG Evangelion Unit One.

I can't find a completed picture anywhere but this was a progress pic I took for another forum I regularly visit.

 As of late I started to frequent more blogs to keep ODU at the forefront of release information and everywhere I went an ananimous agreement was made that the upcoming Perfect Grade 00 Raiser shown at various conventions is simply amazing! If this is the new benchmark for PG models I'd like to see what Ban Dai has to offer in the future. Firstly lets start with the box art. Magnificent! Its huge the only box that can compare with this one in size is the 1/144 Dendrobium.

PG 00 Raiser Box

1/144 Dendrobium Box (1/100 Gundam placed for comparison purposes)

The first thing that made my jaw drop when I did my scouting was that the model comprises of 56 runners! I would not want to think how many PC joints will be in the model or how many individual parts would make up this 30cm tall sculpture.


00 Raiser Runners

From my observation as a seasoned gunpla builder the mouldings on the 00 Raiser are very detailed more so than alot of the previous PG incarnations I've seen previously.



A selling point of Gundam MG models is the internal frame which adds support and posability. Perfect Grades also have internal skeletal frames and 00's is magnificent its capable of achieving a full crouching position which is quite a feat considering the mass and size of the model.

00 Raiser's internal frame

In terms of gimmicks the 00 Raiser is also feature packed its got revolving GN Drives and LED lighting effects. Fortunately for us all this edition comes with all the accesories. I have seen too many releases where the only difference is an extra weapon. The PG release will come with the GN Sword II, Beam Sabers, the Exia style GN Sword III and a clear beam blade cover to reproduce the trademark Raiser Sword attack. This elementary release model would also include a special display stand which has been shown above.

This model gets my seal of approval. It will definitely be at Hobby Dream so don't miss your chance to take advantage of the premium batch price and special stand, later production units will not have a stand and will be more expensive. The Perfect Grade 00 Raiser is slated for a November release in Japan and should arrive in Australia by December PREORDER NOW!

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