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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Code Geass Shikkoku no Renya update

After some snooping around I have found the plot for Shikkoku no Renya or otherwise known as Renya of the Darkness if we are following the Lelouch of the Rebellion prefix. Renya's story is based in Edo Japan and is considered by the production staff to be canon. The manga series also follows the same timeline as the one from the Code Geass anime.

Renya is a boy aged 17 with a mechanical left arm and uses shurikens as his weapon of choice, CC known as Renfu CC at the time was looking for a new contract partner and they happen to meet. At the same time a guy that looks like Lelouch with unknown intentions appears.

Okay what do I think of this setting.... I'm not exactly convinced because Renya already looks like Lelouch and we got another character looking like the Geass golden boy showing up! Man I hope this wont stuff up the Geass franchise. Anyhow when the first manga volume gets published I will buy it from Kinokuniya and give it a fair go like a true Aussie!

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