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Sunday, December 27, 2009

SD Exia R2- The final model

I recently made the decision to stop building gundam models, presenting my last model (at least not until a fair while later depending if I give into temptation). The SD Exia R2. The R2 is quite an interesting design apart from being a blantant attempt on Ban Dai's behalf to release another model! I've built better before this model was really rushed I just lost interest in building but I do like looking at releases and pretty box art though!

Since I took up model building in 2005 I've built quite a few models of which the best ones have already been showcased in an earlier blog entry. What I have to say about building Gunpla is can get very addictive and expensive so if you ever considered building Gunpla be prepared to spend LOTS of money on kits, paints and supplies.

If any of our readers have any questions about kits, building and what not though please feel free to drop comments and I will answer you as soon as possible!

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