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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Kenji's Toy Collection

I was telling Hiroki that I will be modifying my room a little bit in terms of what I'll have on display. So on Sunday during my weekly routine of tidying things around the place, I took the opportunity to put away some of my Gundam collection (leaving the few that I like) and replace it with my anime figurines.

Some of these figurines has already graced the pages of ODU, whereas some have not. At the same time some haven't been unboxed since I purchased them, and that has been two years now.

The figures are from some well known anime such as Code Geass, Fate Stay Night, Clannad and of course Gundam Seed.

There will be more to come I'm sure since Animania is fast approaching, and if there are anything that I happen to find on other websites that tickles my fancy chances are I'll have a serious think as to buy or not to buy...

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