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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Hiroki's garage

Well not a real garage. I'm a keen enthusiast when it comes to sports automobiles! Although I can't exactly afford any of the models that I collect it is still good to sit back and daydream. I have been exposed to 1:43 scale model cars since 1998 when my cousin began to produce scale replicas in his factory. Overtime he developed the IXO business which is now a sizeable player in the market.

I started to collect seriously this year and I have to say i'm hooked. I don't exactly have any preference for brand loyalty though I just buy what I like. Okay lets get on to business and show our viewers a few of the favourites in my collection!

Project D double ace cars

Aston Martin DBS (This is official Bond Merchandise)

Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano

Audi R8

Nissan GTR R35

Lotus Elise


  1. wow..... nice collections!! I like the Mazda Rx-7....

  2. Extensive collection you display here.

    Please up load more information.



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