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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Indulgence- Dr Dre Beats Monster Tour

Okay I went to improve my fair nation's GDP today! I guess the T shirts wont attract much interest here but they were two awesome Armani Exchange ones if you are interested in fashion. Anyhoo for a bit of indulgence I decided to totally upgrade my headphones to something even more powerful than my set of Senheiser CX-500 headphones which is the company's equivalent to Bose in-ear headphones (which I've also used the Senheisers had a better build quality).

My new replacement pair is......................... The Dr Dre Beats Monster Tour

 They have a higher response than the Senheiser and a higher decibel count which means it can produce louder sound and being rather padantic about the way how my music sounds these headphones are amazing they delivered the clearest sound and heaviest bass I ever heard in an in-ear type headphone. they are perfect for music like Akon, Basshunter, MOVE etc. The noise isolation is also a cut above the Senheisers but they are rather pricey I paid $215 for them.

For a pair of headphones in that price tag the styling is quite nice. Its the first time I've seen tangle free wire presented in a flat pasta shape and the casing it comes with is just pure class. For the time being I dont see myself getting replacements any time soon.

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