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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Fate Stay Night- Unlimited Blade Works

It isn't hard to tell that Kenji is a dedicated Saber fan so I thought I'd report on the progress on the movie that is going to be released next year. For the time being the Unlimited Blade Works site has released a trailer for quite some time which really just looks like rehash of the original television series although they do claim it is an original piece for the cinema. For the time being I can tell that the character designs have been slightly redesigned. Referring to the material that has been circulating in the lead up for the movie's premiere on 23/1/10 Saber may make a costume change in the movie!

This movie seems to add more emphasis on Shiro than the Holy Grail War which was the focus of the TV series. As seen by the constant dueling between Shiro and Archer. For those that had missed out here is the trailer that was released a few months back.

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