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Monday, December 21, 2009

James Cameron's Avatar Review

Kenji and I went to see James Cameron's Avatar in  3D today. If you dont mind the spoilers Avatar was an absolutely stunning film lets say that it is a rather interesting cowboys and Indians portrayal. A majestic ancient tribe called the Na'Vi are under threat from the remnants of the decaying planet we live on known as Earth. They are heavily armed with sophisticated weapons. An Avatar is a shell made from the Na'Vi genetic make up which is used by humans to walk indirectly alongside the Na'Vi. This is made possible via a neuro link similar to that found in the Matrix trilogy.

The main character Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) experiences life in the Na'Vi tribe and does amazing things like scaling trees at blinding speeds, sharing a bond with beautiful flying dragon and falling in love with the Princess of the tribe Neitiri (Zoe Saldana). Jake finds that his place is with the Na'Vi and defies his superiors to protect the interests of his true allegiance.

This movie was visually stunning, a fantastic piece of theatrical mastery expected of James Cameron. I find that an excellent movie differs from a good movie by encompassing an extra factor that involves the audience. If a film is able to capitvate the viewer to feel as the character's feel its a success. In this film a large percentage of the audience were cheering for Jake whenever he performed a heroic deed and at the end the cinema broke out in applause. Avatar is a truly facinating film that would leave a deep impression to the viewer a must see!

And................................... as an ending note let me present a picture of myself with my nerdy 3D glasses which I took as a momento.

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