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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Macross releases... I dig!

Bandai are still making the most of the Macross Frontier franchise with the recent announcement of new movies and a continous string of figures.

First of all is a figure of Sheryl Nome its a 1/8 Emotion Style which is a Bandai release. Im not in a rush to buy it but if I see it at Animania I might get tempted because its still very nice!

Next up is the DX Chougokin Tornado Messiah which is coming out next year. I quite like the Tornado Pack (quite obvious by now) its packed to the teeth with weaponary but doesnt look overbearing like the Armoured and Super Packs.

DX Chougokin VF-27F Lucifer the sexiest valkyrie in the series

Though I dont build anymore Im started to be tempted by these highly ariculated and detailed models though they don't compare to my hand crafted modelling they are still an alternative to consider.

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