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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Gundam 00 Movie Update 4- Line Art

The line art for the 4 main gundams have been released, I got to say some of the designs werent thought through properly it seems to me like they just wanted to spin more cash from the franchise.

Firstly Gundam Qanta looks like a rip off of Exia Repair especially how the shield parts hang on the left shoulder. Instead of having an oversized unit this machine would have had look fascinating if the arsenal was split over two small bindings similar to the 00 Raiser.

Gundam Zabanya

I dont know how wrong this design can get. It spells death for the proud heritage of Dynames and Cherudim. That "waist pack" which I guess would be some kind of sophisticated GN Bit array is UGLY. It is safe to assume that by the way the line art was drawn with pistol in hand that Zabanya operates using Lyle's preference for side arms. Hopefully this isn't the end of the sniper rifle which was the trait of its predecessors.

Gundam Harute

Actually this is the only one I am not complaining about it looks sharp and mean.It has everything about the Kyrios/Arios lineage that the fans love. From the look of things its not a double unit similar to the Archer Arios. Its looks heavy though I wonder how fast it can fly?

Gundam Raphael

This just says wrong written all over it. A slim unit with an overbearing cannon mount. Come on I believe Bandai/Sunrise can do much better. Apart from having heavy beam weapons it bears no resemblance to the Virtue/Seravee line. I believe that as an alternative from having a unit piloted directly by Tieria's concious in Veda it would have been better having an original Gundam unit for Maree or even Saji to pilot.

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