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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Banpresto Ichiban Kuji Code Geass R2 Romantic Variation Kallen Wedding Dress review

Banpresto Ichiban Kuji Code Geass R2 Romantic Variation Kallen Wedding Dress

It has been a long time since I graduated from uni and also a long time since I have posted a figure review. Okay first things first Kenji is a much better photographer so next time I'll learn some tips off him hahha I so want an SLR Camera! Okay lets get onto the review!

The figure was given to me by my really good mate Kenny as a graduation gift. Thanks mate! Knowing that Kouzuki Kallen from Code Geass is my favourite anime girl it is literally the best present to give to an otaku like myself. The Ichiban Kuji Romantic Variation is a lottery item with a limited circulation luckily a few made their way onto Ebay!

Front view

The wedding dress is a beautiful and multilayered and has a substantial amount of weight. Actually because the bottom half was too heavy I had to superglue it in place... hence no panties shots for the hentais out there!

Side view

view from behind

The details dont end at the dress the accesories are just stunning!




Overall the figure has some amazing details but I guess due to the "low price" that lottery winners had to pay (100 yen) many moulding hair lines show up throughtout the figure not to mention the thick paint on some parts. However these hairlines and paint blotches are minimal and only visible on close inspection. Overall I absolutely love this figure its awesome and goes really well with the Lelouch I got from Smash last year (I was an idiot and forgot to take a pic of them together :P) Overall Ill give this figure a 7/10

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