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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Hiroki's rant!! What happened to good quality BB Gundams!!!

Its not common that I will rant about a kit or even Bandai's promotional methods. Recently in my search for more information on the MG 00 Qan[T] I came across information in regard to the BBNo.364 00 Qan[T]  release. The promo posters are beyond dodgy! To be honest it looks like promotional material for a bootlegged product. I missed the days when Bandai actually forked out cash for SD research and development.

It wasnt quite too long ago when the SD No.280 Blaze Zaku Phantom was released it was easily the best BB kit I have built in terms of detail, build quality, articulation and gimmicks. SD.200 Gundam was a cut on its own not only were the arms moveable the shoulders could be lifted up, the head could be opened up and the chest armour was removable to reveal internal frame parts.

00 SD kits are cheap have minimal colour seperation and articulation I know this for a fact because I have build the SD Exia and 00. It seems like Bandai has diverted all funds into the sangokuden line and has neglected the SD Gundam releases because the quality shows. These kits are poorly thought out and lack that "gundam sparkle" which attracts potential customers.

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