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Saturday, October 30, 2010

HG 1/144 Brave Commander Type a case of familiarisation and acceptance

This kit isn't exactly news any more I bet its been posted multiple times as well, however it took a while for me to register, Hey I like this kit! Like most things people tend to have bias for things they like. Back in the days when Gundam Seed Destiny ended I came across the teasers for the first season of 00. I was absolutely apalled at Exia's design. At that moment I thought they should have called the series Gundam Hunchback. As lineart came out I slowly opened it and thought it was cool by the start of the first season.

What Im trying to get to is people have attachments and over time they learn to accept the new (or old/different). I remember being a total Freedom nut I thought it was blasphemy to have a replacement for it, Strike Freedom became my favourite Gundam of all time (You can tell from this blog I know my Gundams from UC through to 00 heck I even spell Gundam and their respective names in capitals).

I have to admit Graham had some pretty awesome machines over the years multiple Flags, a custom Ahead and Masaruo/Susanowoo (which I believe to be his best unit) and finally the Commander Brave. At first my impression about the Commander Brave was whats new? Its just a Twin Drive Flag? The colours came out and I was like OMG.... the colour is hot, I was still thinking that design can be improved a bit thought.

The next phase came along and they were announcing Gunpla releases the normal moulds still hadnt captivated me, then the prototype came out I was like ooh its looking better again! After multiple times I saw the machine in the blogs that I religiously research to keep ODU up to date I started thinking to myself it looks nicer than I thought. So now for the first time in months a 00 related post that isnt about the 00 Qan[T]! Presenting Graham Aker's own Commander Test Type Brave in HG 1/144 scale! It's going to be released in November, like nearly every other Gunpla kit that I've posted recently except the PG Strike Freedom. The retail price is set at 1680 yen!

Box Art

Have you guys notice that Graham is a left handed?
(Apart from the feet I like the rest of the Brave's design)

Gunpla marketing 101: Action pose is critical to attract customers!

Are we going to see the return of the Graham Special? The glorious art of transforming in mid flight.

Having said that Graham's machine is a Commander Type but of course their is a "grunt type" as well. Both Commander and Standard will be released at the same time.

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