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Sunday, October 31, 2010

RG Gundam progress- Armed and now has arms

Since Kenji got so pumped with his 1/144 00 Raiser I thought I should pull my finger out and get on with my RG. Since my last post I had completed one arm but wan't going to post an entry until the other was completed, and now here it is. Amuro now has arms on the Gundam to swing his beam sabers. The model is now close to 50% complete. As promised I said I will use a proper digital camera this time!

The arms were crazy fun to do to say the least. A misconception people will find with RGs is that they have preassembled frame pieces and are not very challenging. As a Gunpla builder who initially specialised with the MG scale this is a gross understatement because overall this RG kit ends up having more smaller pieces  to assemble. Each arm had 19 pieces to cut out, sand, prime, undercoat, paint and assemble.

Being a fan of the original 1:1 Gundam I really like the copper detailing in the arm joints. The copper decals that the kit came with were disappointing so I hand painted them on myself. One thing I regret about this kit though is putting decals on it instead of using these adhesive decals I should have waited on an official water transfer set or mix and matched with existing Gundam/EFSF decal packs.

In this time frame I happened to stuff up the left shoulders paint work. To correct this mistake I used methylated spirits to strip off all the paint and respray. Okies note to self dont use too much metho and pressure when I clean up blemishes!

The following schedule below is the order in which future posts will be delivered in regards to my RG kit.

- skirt armour
- legs
- weapons
- final touch up
- photoshoot

Alternatively you can follow my past updates here (from newest to oldest)

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