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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Breaking News!!! Ngee Khiong quits


Ngee Khiong is one of the pillars in the English language otaku blogging comunity. As of yesterday in a rather bitter and emotional address to his readers Ngee Khiong has decided to quit his fine work. I remember long before ODU started I stumbled across Ngee Khiong for the first time and thought I was in heaven. It had all the Gunpla related information I needed and continuously provided further development for projects of my interst! The cycle still goes on and it wont be the same without turning to Ngee Khiong first.

Truthfully Ngee Khiong has assisted ODU in many ways and it would be sad seeing such a passionate member of our blogging circles go so abruptly. This post is for you Ngee Khiong wishing you all the best and thanks for making such a selfless contribution. Your blog may ceast to exist but it will never be forgotten.

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