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Sunday, October 10, 2010

RG Gundam Progress: Gundam is now armed!!!

I finally got some time to carry on with the RG Gundam project. This blog entry will focus on the backpack and some peeves I found about the shoulder design.

The parts! Not as crazy as the 17 individual head parts but still detailed. I was actually surprised that the colour seperation wasn't as extensive this time. Not to worry I did modifications of my own unfortunately the cam I am using is only my HTC Desire so its hard to pick up on the individual colour tones I used. Pinky swear to charge my camera next time.

Okay the backpack! First off theres actually two shades of grey. they are located on the beam saber recharge racks and the boosters. I particularly like the strip of white at the top it looks nice! The shoulders were completed last time but I believe they are the worst part of the kit the gaps are a bit ugly but theres nothing a bit of putty or cement can't solve!

And heres a side view! The Gundam's panel lines are awesome love the extent which Bandai went to recreate the 1:1 RG into such a compact form. One thing I found to be strange was the "handle bars" on the top of the Gundam's backpack, hehehe I wonder who in the right mind would decide to hitch a ride with this beast?

Finally the front view the Gundam now has weapons! The next update will be the arms. Gotta have arms to swing those beam sabers don't you agree?..............Hmmmmm maybe beam saber funnels? :P

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