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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Bumper Gundam Post

Its not common that I will talk about three Gundam timelines in one post so lets start with anime first. Raws of the second episode of Unicorn are circulating on Youtube at the moment in due course expect to see subs!

The rest is related to Gunpla. Recently the PG Strike Freedom and MG 00Q have been attracting much attention. The PG Strike Freedom I am so excited about this one the kit looks amazing... and its not even complete yet!

The frame colour isnt that ugly poo brown (not that it makes a difference to me since I am going to spray it) but at least its a good stock colour for those who don't paint. Theres also videos circulating around documenting how the wings work. the hinge mechanisms are spring loaded and are deployed at a flip of a button (this model demonstration was shot with a sample without the button mechanism)


Last but not least is the MG 00 Qan[T] the release date has been confirmed it will hit the Japanest Market on the 25th of November!

No wonder they can churn this kit out so fast the frame bears strong resemblance to the MG Exia frame.

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