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Saturday, October 30, 2010

New PG Strike Freedom scans!

Hot from Model Graphix magazine comes new scans of the Perfect Grade Strike Freedom (for once the wings aren't open if I had to post one more image of the wing mechanisms I think I would be screaming)! Granted the mould and the kit design is beautiful, but does it warrant the price tag of 26000 yen? To me I still think its light on features. The PG 00 Raiser still seems more bang for your buck but in fair honesty the Strike Freedom didn't need extra arnaments it was an one-stop pwning machine.I hope Bandai has more up their sleeves.....please?

By the way I have decided how my PG Strike Freedom will look like. It is going to be in the same colour scheme but in darker less richer colours (Rest assured the frame will still be bling bling). The image that I have in mind is that I want this model to look as realistic as possible and more like a machine that is about to go to war!

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