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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

HGUC Gouf Custom = HOTNESS

Ever since playing the PSP Gundam Battle series I was exposed to many UC designs. Among those that left a deep impression was the Gouf Custom from the 8th MS Team. What isn't there to like about it? Its blue and it has a huge arse gatling gun shield. To date HGUC have been on the prowl to release as many machines as possible from the longest calendar in the Gundam metaseries timeline.

 The Gouf Custom has now been faithfully created in its newest rendition in the HGUC range. If i was to choose between the MG 00Q and this I think I would prefer this kit! Nope Hiroki isn't sick its just that this machine's too hot to miss, but this is only theoretical because I dont buy models any more... Donations? :D

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