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Saturday, October 2, 2010

RG Gundam Progress

Im in the process of building the 1/144 RG Gundam. How should I say this? This kit is actually LOTS of fun. The model is highly detailed with many individual colour shades and also houses a core block system internal frame.The model frame is partly assembled but the parts can still come apart individually. For the time being I have built the head and chest. Because I wanted to keep the core fighter I opted for the standard frame option.

This project involves an extensive paint job this is because I aim to replicate the individual shades as presented in the standard kit, including undercoating and other extensive chores this kits holding up to be one of my favourites lets bring on the Char Zaku!

The photo was taken with my new HTC desire because my camera's battery was flat. For a mobile cam I am quite impressed. So back to the model I prefer to deviate from the manuals recommended progress and start from the head to toe. The head was quite a piece of work involving 17 individual pieces. All up I spent three days on this project so far

Day 1: The entire head unit was completed.
Day 2: Half the chest was completed
Day Three the rest of the chest and shoulders were completed

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