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Sunday, September 13, 2009

13/9/09- Hiroki's Introduction


Welcome to Otaku Down Under (ODU)! ODU is the joint blog between my workmate Kenji and I. What we aim to achieve from this blog is to create an online space for the Australian community. A place where people with an interest in Japanese manga, anime, games, cosplay and culture can come to get information and meet new friends. Over the next few weeks this blog will be further customised to stand out from the rest of the crowd! So let me introduce you guys and gals to Otakun (Kudos to Kenji for coming up with the name ). He is the mascot for this blog.

Inspired by a tokusatsu theme from the good old Power Ranger days (Sentai will always be better). I created Otakun to reflect your "true blue" Aussie who loves Japanese culture and toys as seen by his "Made in Japan" plasma cannon!

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